To partners

Advantages of the FIRST TRADING PLATFORM partner program
No thresholds for earnings in the affiliate network Your maximum earnings are not limited
Opportunity to earn money without investments From anywhere in the world
Highly qualified technical support All members of the affiliate network
Quick payouts Affiliate commission
Transparent statistics Your structure
Ability to communicate through live chats
FIRST TRADING PLATFORM affiliate program

It has 8 levels of accrual of partner rewards and is available to all users regardless of the availability and amount of personal Deposit.

1 lv. 10%
2 lv. 7%
3 lv. 5%
4 lv. 4%
5 lv. 3%
6 lv. 2%
7 lv. 1%
8 lv. 0.5%

The company FIRST TRADING PLATFORM provides the opportunity to move up the career ladder in order to obtain one - time bonuses, depending on the turnover of personally invited funds in the project, the minimum bonus amount of $ 50, the maximum - $50,000!

Стать партнером
  • Co-founder: Turnover 1.000.000$ (Bonus 50.000$)
  • Director: Turnover 500.000$ (Bonus 20000$)
  • Top Manager: Turnover 100000$ (Bonus 5000$)
  • Manager: Turnover 20000$ (Bonus 1000$)
  • Recruit: Turnover 5000$ (Bonus 200$)
  • The depositor: Turnover 1000$ from the first line (Bonus 50$)
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