What does financing company FIRST TRADING PLATFORM?
The company is engaged in trust management of assets of our clients in the securities and derivatives market, receiving a stable profit every month.
Where is the company registered?
The company is officially registered in the UK.
Bear the investment risks?
Any investment carries risks, regardless of whether professionals manage your funds or you yourself. In cooperation with the company FIRST TRADING PLATFORM should exclude non-trading risks, but to influence the market situation, the political situation in the world and other factors that indirectly or directly may cause the loss of your funds, we can not. For our part, we are committed to doing everything to minimize all possible risks, but this does not exclude them completely. You have to understand that and to invest only those money which, if lost, would not be detrimental to your well-being.
Who can become an investor of FIRST TRADING PLATFORM?
Every person who has reached the age of majority can become an investor
How can I start cooperation with the company?
To start cooperation you need to register, top up your balance and create a Deposit.
What is the minimum investment?
The minimum investment is $ 10 US.
What is the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is $ 0.2 US.
In what currencies are accepted for deposits?
Deposits are accepted in us dollars or bitcoins.
What is the minimum investment term?
The minimum investment period is 12 months.
Can I make additional deposits?
Yes, you can make a Deposit at any time.
What is the maximum investment?
The maximum amount of investment is not limited.
When do payments occur?
Payments are made once a week on Sundays.
Is there a possibility of reinvesting profits?
How can I make a Deposit?
You can Fund your account with e-wallets(Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash) and using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). The list of available payment methods is constantly updated.
Is the Deposit refundable?
No, the Deposit is not returned at the expiration of the tariff plan, ie included in the payment.
Can I register multiple accounts?
No, that's forbidden. If you find multiple accounts of the same user, accounts can be blocked with the blocking of funds.
How to start making money on the affiliate program?
To start making money by attracting customers, you do not need to invest your money before that. You can start inviting new customers right after registration.
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