About us


The First Trading Platform company is a pioneer in the market of investments in securities and derivatives. Since 2017, our specialists provide a full range of services in the financial markets for private clients:

  • Brokerage account service
  • Trust management of financial assets
  • Preparation and development of individual investment recommendations
  • Representation of the client's interests in tax authorities and others.

The main mission of our company is a guaranteed and stable increase of capital of our investors. Thanks to the unique strategy of doing business, the FIRST TRADING PLATFORM company is ready to guarantee up to 30% of profits to its investors every month!

The company FIRST TRADING PLATFORM has brokerage accounts in more than 15 world-famous stock and currency exchanges, which undoubtedly confirms our competence in the financial sector.

In addition, our company has all the documents of title and licenses to conduct its activities, and conducts its operations within the jurisdiction of the UK.

You can check the registration of our company in the relevant authorities right now and see for yourself!

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